The Adventurous Pilot: Roy Focker – A Playboy, Mentor, Hero, and Friend

Macross: Roy Focker

As a fighter pilot, Roy Focker has an adventurous streak and is a ladies man. He often begins motions towards cute girls even when he is on duty.

He is a member of the U.N. Spacy’s Vermilion Squadron and flies the VF-1A Valkyrie. He is also a mentor to Rick Hunter.

He is a natural pilot

Roy is a natural pilot, a skill inherited from his father. He joined the Robotech Defense Force shortly after his father’s death and was adopted by Pop Hunter and treated as a brother. He fought in the First Robotech War and became a mentor to Rick Hunter.

He is also a playboy and has a cavalier attitude towards women. However, his life is changed when he meets air control officer Claudia Grant and they fall in love. He later helps Rick to mend his relationship with Isamu Alva Dyson and is credited for much of his success.

In Macross Plus the Movie, he is in charge of Project Super Nova. He tries to control the feud between Guld Goa Bowman and Isamu Alva Dyson by counseling them with words of wisdom that mostly infuriate them. In addition to this, he is a dedicated researcher who has developed the next generation of Variable Fighters. He is also a great leader.

He is a mentor to Rick Hunter

As the surrogate big brother to young Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker is the mentor of the future Robotech pilot. He teaches him about the military and the importance of friendship. He also tries to help him overcome his fear of fighting.

He is a brave and capable man, but he has a bit of a playboy side. He inherited his father’s daredevil qualities and has a cavalier attitude toward women. He jokingly begins motions towards cute girls, even when on-duty.

He first demonstrates his piloting skills by buzzing the audience at the launch of the SDF-1 in Macross City. He later shows off his VF-1S Valkyrie with Claudia Grant at an aerobatic show. But the launch is disrupted by a Zentraedi Armada intent on claiming the SDF-1 for their own. This traumatic event forces Rick to mature quickly and prove himself as an excellent Veritech pilot. He owes much of his success to Roy. Despite his rough nature, he is kind and supportive of those around him.

He is a hero

As a veteran of the Unification Wars, Roy Focker is a brave and capable man. He also shows compassion and a sense of humor even during grim situations. He also enjoys offering advice to his wards, such as Shin Kudo or Hikaru Ichijyo on love and life.

His leadership of the Frontier fleet’s S.M.S Skull Platoon is a great example of his heroism. He is also a good cook, as evidenced by his scrumptious pineapple cake for Ranka.

He was instrumental in bringing several variable fighter pilots into U.N. Spacy, including the VF-0 Phoenix’s pilots. He was also the first to micronize his VF-1S Valkyrie and is seen battling Boddole Zer in it alongside Milia. His relationship with Milia is rocky at times as she shows her preference for Guld. However, after Sharon Apple hypnotizes Isamu into taking his YF-19 on a suicide run, Milia settles her feelings by imprisoning her. He then returns to Eden to resume the battle against the X-9 Ghost.

He is a friend

A natural pilot from a young age, Roy Fokker was a member of Pop Hunter’s flying circus and later joined the military during the Global War. After the war he became a part of the experimental VF-1S Valkyrie squadron, and was selected to help develop the variable fighter.

He also developed a close relationship with Isamu and Guld. During this time he also married Miho Global. He has a slight resemblance to Global, and he often talks in a manner similar to her.

When the Zentradi invaded Earth, he helped form the civilian resistance to their colonial invasion. He is a strong-willed leader and is also a skilled pilot. His humour helps to lighten the mood in difficult times. He is also known for his love of food, particularly pineapple cake. His injury causes a similar shock amongst the SMS ground crew as that of Roy. He is also a dedicated father and a loving friend to his adopted daughter, Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius.

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