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After the battle on Ragna, Hayate is encouraged by Mirage to confess his love for Freyja. He does, and it appears to work.

The Macross Delta TV series was adapted into a movie called Passionate Walkure in 2018. It reworks the storyline to streamline it. Among other changes, it adds a secondary love triangle between Arad, Messer and Kaname.

1. The Immelman Dance

Several of Hayate’s maneuvers are named after aircraft, including the famous Immelman dive. He also has a beautiful singing voice, as he and Walkure use their songs to keep the Var at bay.

Walkure is a tactical music unit whose singing can cure Var Syndrome victims. It’s a real cool plane, too, as it can transform via established Applied Phlebotinum technology.

2. The Immelman Turn

Named after World War I flying ace Max Immelmann, this maneuver is a half loop with a roll-out at the top. It allows the pilot to regain altitude while changing direction.

Beautiful Singing Voices: All the members of Walkure are beautiful singers. Their work as a tactical music unit is useful in keeping Var at bay.

Hayate’s special fold receptors make him immune to Var Syndrome attacks, but they also boost his combat abilities when he and Freyja sing together.

3. The Mercat Turn

Designed by Barcelona-based h3o Architects, the space’s distinct fuchsia paint, fragmented stepped volumes and angular tables made of reused materials turn the market into an egalitarian and accessible public area.

Heinz is the prince of Windermere and a former student of Ernest Johnson’s. His songs can control those infected with Var Syndrome, but it’s taking a toll on his health.

4. The Mercat Dance

A mercat cross is a type of market cross found in Scotland. It is usually square and topped with a spire.

This is used to make important town announcements and proclamations. It also makes a fancy backdrop for a one-on-one duel. Interestingly, it mirrors shots from the no longer canon Macross II.

5. The Mercat Turn

Unlike his carefree father Wright, Hayate is a brash pilot that doesn’t adhere to authority. Despite his carefree attitude, he joins Delta Squadron and develops a passion for flying.

He and the Aerial Knights regularly obliterate NUNS fleets. His VF-31J Siegfried is decorated with his love interest Freyja’s colors. She can cure Var Syndrome victims through her singing.

6. The Mercat Dance

Macross Delta features a lot of cool planes, including the VF-31J Siegfried and the Aerial Knights’ regal SV-262 Draken III. The series also boasts a number of air combat dogfight maneuvers that are actually realistic, unlike the cheesy CG work in Macross 7.

Roid confronts Prince Heinz, who is using his songs to spread Var Syndrome. Heinz is a former member of the Aerial Knights and succeeded Grammier VI as sovereign of Windermere Kingdom.

7. The Mercat Turn

It wouldn’t be Macross without cool planes and this series is no exception. The main fighters are the Delta Squadron’s VF-31 Siegfried and the Aerial Knights’ regal SV-262 Draken III*.

The ace pilot Messer Ihlefeld and Hayate have an ongoing rivalry which is highlighted by several one on one duels in the series. His death drives Hayate to better himself. He also builds a relationship with Freyja Wion.

8. The Mercat Dance

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Despite a number of one on one duels, most of the Walkure-Megs fights are group battles. This is mainly a result of Messer’s desire to knock Hayate down a peg and his belief that only the ‘fancy’ one on one duels are worth fighting.

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9. The Mercat Turn

Aerial Knights ace pilot Messer Ihlefeld is very serious about his job and doesn’t think much of Hayate’s piloting abilities. This leads to a testy rivalry between them.

Several of the giant transformable spaceship arms have names based on Classical Mythology, including the detachable aircraft carrier named after Elysian fields and Hemera, the Greek goddess of daytime.

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10. The Mercat Dance

The mercat cross is a traditional feature in the centre of most Catalan towns. It is also the name of a popular dance.

Beautiful Singing Voice: Walkure members have beautiful voices. Mikumo is especially impressive since she’s actually a clone of the Star Singer.

Among other things, she can cure Var Syndrome through her songs.

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