The Adventurous Pilot: Roy Focker – A Playboy, Mentor, Hero, and Friend

Macross: Roy Focker

As a fighter pilot, Roy Focker has an adventurous streak and is a ladies man. He often begins motions towards cute girls even when he is on duty.

He is a member of the U.N. Spacy’s Vermilion Squadron and flies the VF-1A Valkyrie. He is also a mentor to Rick Hunter.

He is a natural pilot

Roy is a natural pilot, a skill inherited from his father. He joined the Robotech Defense Force shortly after his father’s death and was adopted by Pop Hunter and treated as a brother. He fought in the First Robotech War and became a mentor to Rick Hunter.

He is also a playboy and has a cavalier attitude towards women. However, his life is changed when he meets air control officer Claudia Grant and they fall in love. He later helps Rick to mend his relationship with Isamu Alva Dyson and is credited for much of his success.

In Macross Plus the Movie, he is in charge of Project Super Nova. He tries to control the feud between Guld Goa Bowman and Isamu Alva Dyson by counseling them with words of wisdom that mostly infuriate them. In addition to this, he is a dedicated researcher who has developed the next generation of Variable Fighters. He is also a great leader.

He is a mentor to Rick Hunter

As the surrogate big brother to young Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker is the mentor of the future Robotech pilot. He teaches him about the military and the importance of friendship. He also tries to help him overcome his fear of fighting.

He is a brave and capable man, but he has a bit of a playboy side. He inherited his father’s daredevil qualities and has a cavalier attitude toward women. He jokingly begins motions towards cute girls, even when on-duty.

He first demonstrates his piloting skills by buzzing the audience at the launch of the SDF-1 in Macross City. He later shows off his VF-1S Valkyrie with Claudia Grant at an aerobatic show. But the launch is disrupted by a Zentraedi Armada intent on claiming the SDF-1 for their own. This traumatic event forces Rick to mature quickly and prove himself as an excellent Veritech pilot. He owes much of his success to Roy. Despite his rough nature, he is kind and supportive of those around him.

He is a hero

As a veteran of the Unification Wars, Roy Focker is a brave and capable man. He also shows compassion and a sense of humor even during grim situations. He also enjoys offering advice to his wards, such as Shin Kudo or Hikaru Ichijyo on love and life.

His leadership of the Frontier fleet’s S.M.S Skull Platoon is a great example of his heroism. He is also a good cook, as evidenced by his scrumptious pineapple cake for Ranka.

He was instrumental in bringing several variable fighter pilots into U.N. Spacy, including the VF-0 Phoenix’s pilots. He was also the first to micronize his VF-1S Valkyrie and is seen battling Boddole Zer in it alongside Milia. His relationship with Milia is rocky at times as she shows her preference for Guld. However, after Sharon Apple hypnotizes Isamu into taking his YF-19 on a suicide run, Milia settles her feelings by imprisoning her. He then returns to Eden to resume the battle against the X-9 Ghost.

He is a friend

A natural pilot from a young age, Roy Fokker was a member of Pop Hunter’s flying circus and later joined the military during the Global War. After the war he became a part of the experimental VF-1S Valkyrie squadron, and was selected to help develop the variable fighter.

He also developed a close relationship with Isamu and Guld. During this time he also married Miho Global. He has a slight resemblance to Global, and he often talks in a manner similar to her.

When the Zentradi invaded Earth, he helped form the civilian resistance to their colonial invasion. He is a strong-willed leader and is also a skilled pilot. His humour helps to lighten the mood in difficult times. He is also known for his love of food, particularly pineapple cake. His injury causes a similar shock amongst the SMS ground crew as that of Roy. He is also a dedicated father and a loving friend to his adopted daughter, Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius.

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Mastering Macros: How Street Fighter V Players are Using Macros to Dominate Evo

Street Fighter 5 Macros

Macros in Street Fighter V are a thing and they’re winning players big points at Evo. But that’s not why the game is fun. It’s about learning, improving and competing.

Despite the savage reception it received at launch, SFV has gotten better over time. This latest update offers a huge number of balancing changes, which will change the competitive landscape.


The Street Fighter franchise is huge, and if you’re new to it, the core mechanics can be daunting. There’s no better way to learn than by watching high-level matches. You’ll learn things like option selects, meaties, and frame traps that you can use to give yourself an advantage in combat.

Another essential concept in fighting games is knowing how to defend properly. Blocking is a rock-paper-scissors action: it’s best to block when your opponent is attacking, and you should attack only when they’re done. However, that’s not always easy to remember, especially when the attacks are quick and can be chained or linked together.

Also, some of your character’s attacks are dangerous when blocked crouching, while others can knock you out of the air when blocked standing. It’s important to test your defense to find the best mix of tactics for each situation. This is where a training mode is invaluable. The one in Street Fighter V even includes a tool for frame-by-frame analysis.

Setting up a macro

Macros allow players to perform a series of actions with the press of a button. This simplifies the chaotic control requirements of a game and allows the player to focus on other aspects of the gameplay. In this article, we will set up a simple macro for DP panish in Street Fighter V.

The first step of a macro waits for the specified number of emulated video frames, after which it activates one or more inputs for the specified duration. The number of steps in a macro can be varied, as well as the duration between each step.

The name of the macro is entered in the Name field; you can edit this by pressing the UI Select key (Return/Enter on the keyboard or the first button of the keyboard by default). If the plugin is configured for input macros, a list of configured input macros are displayed. The Activation combination menu is also displayed; this specifies the controls that should be used to activate the macro.

Performing a macro

Macros allow players to perform a sequence of commands by pressing a single button. These can be useful in games like TEKKEN 7, Street Fighter V, and others where complex input requirements make it difficult to play efficiently. Macros simplify the chaos by reducing the number of commands required to perform a complex action, allowing you to subdue your opponent.

When a macro contains steps that activate multiple inputs, the When held setting determines what will happen if you release the activation sequence before the final step completes. When set to Release, the emulated inputs will be released; when set to Prolong to step n>, the macro processing will continue if you continue holding down the activation sequence beyond the final step.

Free download macro SF6 FARM ZEN for Street Fighter 6. Installing a macro is quick and easy in the Keyran program. This macro is used to farm the game currency zenny quickly and effectively.

Delete a macro

Macroing is just a way of queuing up multiple commands into one button press, it’s not against ToS but it’s the #1 excuse people use for why they died. Take away animation cancelling and people will stop doing it, it’s tempting to do when you can cast two abilities at once.

You can delete a macro by selecting it in the menu and pressing UI Delete (Del/Forward Delete on keyboard by default). This will also remove any steps that have been triggered from the On release and When held settings.

You can also edit an existing input macro by selecting it in the menu and pressing the UI Edit key. This will open the macro in the Input Macros dialog. See Editing input macros for more details.

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Bringing Baseball to Life: MLB중계 – The Ultimate Broadcasting Experience

The Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most exciting and thrilling sports broadcasts every baseball aficionado desires to watch. Right from the first pitch to the final home run, a rollercoaster of emotions, sportsmanship, and strategies are unfolded. But what’s keeping the fans on edge? It is MLB중계 that injects the adrenaline rush with a unique blend of entertainment and action-packed gaming.

You know that an MLB중계 is no ordinary baseball broadcast; you’re right. It’s the zenith of baseball broadcasting, bringing dedicated fans closer to their beloved sport. More than just a game, it’s a fascinating amalgamation of strategies, skill sets, and raw talent displayed at its finest. And what makes this medium extraordinary is the method of communication it adopts. MLB중계 enables fans to understand every move, every decision on the baseball field, bridging the gap between them and their favorite teams.

There’s something exceptional about observing the players in action, hearing the bats striking, and the energetic crowd reacting to every winning shot—making MLB중계 a priceless experience. It provides fans with a chance to witness baseball in the rawest and most authentic form.

There are many platforms where you can experience the MLB중계. For instance, if you visit MLB중계, you will find a variety of games, archivals, replays, and much more. The online broadcast goes beyond presenting strategies; it narrates the untold stories of the players, enriching the connection between the fans and the athletes.

In summary, MLB중계 delivers the intensity and enthusiasm of Major League Baseball directly to the fans, making the sport more enjoyable and comprehensive. The emotional connect, combined with the thrill of the game, makes MLB중계 a must-experience.


1. What is ?
It’s an online platform providing live broadcasts, replays, and comprehensive coverage of Major League Baseball games.

2. How does MLB중계 differ from other broadcasts?
MLB중계 goes beyond just broadcasting; it narrates the untold stories of the players, thus enriching the connection between the fans and the players.

3. Can I watch replays on ?
Yes, indeed. Besides live games, it extensively covers replays to relive the best moments of the game.

4. Is MLB중계 available for free?
The availability of free broadcasting depends strictly on the specific platform that you choose.

5. What makes MLB중계 special?
The emotional connectivity, understanding every move, every decision on the baseball field, and the intensity of the game makes MLB중계 special.…

Macross Characters: Hikaru, Misa, Milia, and Max.

Macross Anime Characters

Macross is a science fiction series that combines transformable mecha, apocalyptic battles, and wartime romance. It also gave the world its first anime idol Lynn Minmay and a music career to her voice actress Mari Iijima.

Unlike its real-robot mecha cousin Gundam, Macross takes the time to show how individual characters cope with war and its horrors. It also explores how love, culture, and music can overcome war.


Hikaru is a thoughtful young man with a deep sense of duty. He refuses to become a fighter pilot at first, but circumstances force him into the military after the death of his friend, Roy Focker, and his subordinate, Hayao Kakizaki. He grows to be a dedicated soldier as well as the leader of the Vermillion Squadron and an ace pilot.

He is a talented aerobatic flier who won seven amateur flying contests by the age of 16. His “senpai”, Roy Focker, invites him to attend the launch of a reverse engineered alien warship, the SDF-1 Macross.

He quickly becomes pulled into a galactic war against the aliens known as the Zentradi. He and Misa fall for each other despite her initial rejection of him. Hikaru eventually decides to go back to Earth on a space migration mission and confesses his feelings to Misa as the Zentradi fleet prepares to attack Macross City. The two are then stranded on a ruined Alaska base where they communicate with each other via Morse code.


A career officer of the UN Spacy, Misa is a dedicated military woman with a heavy sense of duty and responsibility. She and Hikaru have a difficult superior-subordinate relationship which is exacerbated by her longing for him. She would eventually become a bridge pilot aboard the SDF-1 Macross.

She was given the Shinigami Eyes which enabled her to see a name and how long someone had left before they died. She is grateful to Kira for giving her the eyes and she wishes to meet him someday.

Despite her dedication to the cause, Misa also has a heart and a conscience. She would apologise to the crew of the Macross for her mistake which led to Roy Focker’s death. She cares about her friend Maki and views her as a sister. According to Obata, Misa was one of the hardest characters he had to create for Macross Frontier. Her character has a lot of pathos and is a very strong woman.


Milia is the ace pilot of the SDF-1 Macross during the original series. She also stars in the Macross Plus OVA series. Her real name is Milia Fallyna Jenius, but her nickname is Komilia.

She and Max have a daughter named Mylene Flare Jenius, who is the star of Macross Delta. Milia and Max are both pilots in the SDF-1 Macross, though they fly different colored Valkyrie fighters – her blue and his red.

Milia appears in all of the Macross sequels, which are primarily set on colony ships flying amongst the stars or established colonies on distant planets. She and Max have an estranged relationship, though they are both still around to help raise their daughter Mylene. Milia still sports her short hair and doesn’t seem to have aged since the original series. She often teases Max about his long hair, which he pulls on in frustration while they fight. Her favorite food is Ranka’s pineapple cake recipe.


He combines a formidable level of skill in combat with an affable and courteous personality. His comrades hold him in high regard as a leader even when his self-esteem takes a knock. He is also an incurable romantic who eventually meets and marries Milia Fallyna.

He is the commander of the Frontier fleet’s S.M.S Skull Platoon and flies the YF-19 Super Dimension Fortress. He is similar in personality to Roy Focker and shows a fondness for pineapple flavored foods. His wounds produced a shock with SMS ground crew that was comparable to the one that caused by Roy’s final flight.

He was Micloned once before. His appearance in Macross Frontier was modified to match his original design. He and Milia later raise a daughter, Mylene Flare Jenius, who flies her own VF-1J Valkyrie in the deep red color that was her father’s trademark. His granddaughter Mirage Fallyna is a major character in Macross Delta.

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